Women’s Advocacy Events

Women’s Advocacy Committee: Fostering Female Participation in Shooting Sports through Specialized Events and Supportive Learning Environments

Women’s Advocacy Committee at Easton Fish and Game

The Women’s Advocacy Committee at Easton Fish and Game plays a crucial role in promoting inclusivity and participation in shooting sports, specifically tailored for women. This committee is dedicated to encouraging more women to take part in events, fostering a supportive community where female shooters can practice, learn, and grow together.

Mission, Purpose, and How

  • Mission: The committee is responsible to expand the presence of women to the world of firearms at Easton Fish & Game Association.
  • Purpose: To organize local groups of women who meet occasionally to practice, learn and grow as responsible firearm owners.
  • How: Through a variety of activities such as: introduction to safe gun handling skills, experiences with various firearm disciplines, and camaraderie with other female members in a safe, non-judgmental, and comfortable place

In essence, the Women’s Advocacy Committee is not just about organizing events; it’s about building a supportive network that empowers women, enhances their skills, and strengthens their presence in the world of shooting sports.

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Women’s Advocacy Committee at EFGA

Where the event is held & Other instructions

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