Guest Rules

Rules and expectations are for both you and your guest when bringing a visitor to any of the ranges or clubhouse.

Any adult member in good standing may purchase one (1) Guest Pass.
The Guest Pass will be valid for a length of time coinciding with Member’s Membership.

The following rules apply to the usage of the guest pass:

  1. Guest(s) must be under direct supervision of Member at all times.
  2. Only one guest OR the sponsoring member may shoot or handle firearms at a time.
  3. Guest must wear valid Guest Pass when shooting/handling firearms.
  4. Instructors may not use Guest Pass to conduct paid training for students.
  5. Guest Pass is valid ONLY when Sponsoring Member is present.
  6. Guest Pass can only be used by Guest(s) of that member.
  7. Only members with a valid guest pass may bring up to three (3) guests on the property at one time.
  8. Member & Guest(s) MUST use the same shooting position.
  9. Member is responsible for all Guest(s) actions.

Do not risk your membership. If you have any questions about the guest pass program or associated rules, PLEASE ask an EFGA Range Safety Officer or send an email to [email protected]

I acknowledge that there are inherent risks and affirm that Easton Fish & Game Association Inc. is not responsible for anyone injured on the range. Any individual using EFGA owned ranges does so at his or her own risk and assumes all responsibilities for all injuries to any person or property caused by or to him or her. I also acknowledge that I have read the rules, agree to abide by them and understand violations may result in expulsion from the club. I understand that the membership card issued is club property and must be surrendered upon demand from a club official. I further affirm that I understand that by entering Easton Fish & Game Association Inc. property, I consent to video and audio recording of my activities and oral communications with no expectation of privacy as defined by Pennsylvania law. I understand that I may be asked to produce a government issued photo ID to verify my identity..