Bullseye Pistol

Bullseye Match at Easton Fish and Game: Evening Competitions with Various Stages, Open to Pistols and Revolvers


Bullseye pistol, also known as precision pistol, is a shooting sport focusing on accuracy and precision, where competitors use pistols or revolvers to hit a target at a fixed distance. It’s characterized by its emphasis on steady hand control and precise shooting, typically involving several stages with different time constraints for firing a set number of rounds. This discipline tests the shooter’s ability to shoot accurately under both slow and rapid-fire conditions, making it a popular choice for enhancing shooting skills and discipline.

  • Matches are held from May through September on Monday evenings.
  • Setup starts at about 5:30pm
  • The first commands start at 6:00pm
  • Take down is around 7:15pm
  • Last three weeks in September – shooters to the firing line at 5:30pm

Accepted Firearms

Course of Fire

There are nine stages/rounds of shooting. Ninety total bullets are shot by each person.
All shooting is done according to the commands of the match director and official timed fire and rapid fire recordings.

Where the event is held & Other instructions